Why Use TLC?

At TLC, we have several unique elements to our service offering that distinguish us from other services. When you use TLC…You’ll have peace of mind knowing we are your safety net. You are NOT a nameless, faceless number to us! Our responsiveness to your needs is unsurpassed … when you call, we’re there. No question.  TLC owners actively run the daily operations. Our owners and top managers are genuinely concerned and respond timely to your issues. We also run routes 6 days a week and have a team on call for after hours and weekend emergencies. TLC’s warehouse is always stocked with new goods to further support any spikes you may get in your business.

You’ll Have Time to Focus on Your Operation.

Let TLC remove the headaches of managing a linen program so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – run your business. You will get exceptional service from TLC and we offer customized, flexible service programs designed to meet your unique needs.  We don’t try to force a cookie-cutter approach on you like the big corporate giants do.

You’ll Save Money.

You will receive linens and other textiles that are consistently great. TLC does not “spot buy” from multiple buyers, destroying product line consistency. Rather, we purchase from the same supply partners with whom we have developed long term and strong relationships. We also wash with the right chemistry and not with bleach so that you receive a superior product from us every time.  Injecting linen weekly into circulation on core items also ensures the integrity of our products remains high.

TLC uses handheld computers for our deliveries and invoicing. We can email or fax you a fully-settled, digitally signed copy of your invoice … saving you time and money from reduced mathematical errors and also saving trees!

You’ll Strengthen Your Local Economy.

Working with TLC keeps your dollars circulating in your community. Local owners and team members spend their money with local merchants. The money stays in town where it benefits everyone and builds a stronger local economy. Independent, family-owned linen companies supply more local jobs and contribute to the local economy at higher rates than do large, corporate-owned companies.